Saturday, April 14

LuLu Visits & Stella Shares the Couch

We watched Lulu for a few days this past week. Her family took a spring vacation. They got back a day early because beach time is hardly worth it with this cold, windy, rainy weather we’ve been having. She was an absolute breeze to watch. She’s not nutty like all of my kids. She’s calm and demure. While my kids were barking at passersby and running around the yards with stuffies or sticks in their mouths, Lulu was upstairs on her dog bed taking a nap.

I tried to get a few shots of her, but no luck. She was afraid of my camera.

Trina has watched her before and said she is not afraid of cameras. Maybe it has something to do with sticking this big black object up to my head and the lens makes me look like cyclops. I couldn’t even get a clean shot if I laid the camera on the coffee table.

The autofocus takes 0.6s. That’s long enough for Lulu to become a blur.

Stella is the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of the Couch’. She has been known to ‘discourage’ a foster who gets too close to the couch. She doesn’t mind if any family members get on the couch with her. Now she knows Jaime is no longer a foster. But we’re still quite surprised that Stella not only shares the couch with Jaime, but actually allows full-on contact.

Jaime is a very touchy-feely girl when she lays down. Stella seems OK with it.

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  1. someone has passed a test! feet near face?!?
    tamale lets omo do things no other foster can. funny about who gets close and who doesn't. stella is priceless.