Thursday, April 19

How Come You Never Told Us About This Airbed Thingy?

It was a cold rainy weekend, so we decided to pull out the airbed and camp out in front of the tv and work our way through the DVR. Stacking two king-size airbeds is close to the level of the couch, so the kids were switching between the couch and airbed depending on availability of space. Stella and Lucas have seen the airbed before and love it. I’m sure it’s gotta be cushier for them than the couch or even the pillow top human bed.

Jaime is trying to figure out what this thing is that has just taken over the family room.

It doesn’t take long before she quickly figures out why everyone else is on it.

She’s wondering if this comes in a greyhound-size version.


  1. What lucky kids!!! How far they have come from the old race days. Maybe one day all greyhounds will get the chance to experience laying around on the air mattress watching some good old TV.

  2. aw man... a greyhound pajama party. how fun!

  3. I am so not showing this to the grey frenzy at my house...they will want one. I just KNOW it!