Tuesday, April 24

Bank of America Environmental Fair

We attended the Bank of America Environmental Fair in Richmond on Saturday. What a great weekend for it. The weather was absolutely beautiful. After the recent cold bout, this was much anticipated.

This is a group pic of some of the greys and Parker and Shiloh.

Ana was our donation dog. She is working the one-ear method here.

Shiloh and Parker discussing why all the doggie activities have to do with the greyhounds.

The snake booth was right next to us. The greys didn’t really seem that interested. Except for Dana! She just wanted to get in one lick!

As the day wore on, we began to lose our shade. Except for Dante. Greyhounds make great shade.

Lucas is a leaner. Jaime is a head-rester. Stella says, ‘ get her off my back, daddy!’

Lucas is such a momma’s boy. If I’m holding the leash, he is always looking for his mommy. So it’s just easier if he’s with his mommy.

At the Easter parade, a little girl just had to hug Jaime. At this Environmental Fair, a little girl just had to hug Stella!


  1. those are touching photos... dante in the greyshade, stella getting hugged, the tongue...

    what fun. i'll have to show my aussie grey peeps the donation coat. BRILLIANT!

  2. Trust Katy to beat me to it - I LOVE THE DONATION COAT! I am sooo onto it!
    Nothing better than a gaggle of greys!