Tuesday, April 10

Kids Dress Up for Easter on Parade

The kids got all dressed up for the annual ‘Easter on Parade’. It has turned into quite the doggie event over the years. We had about 10 hounds show up. About 6 blocks of Monument Ave are blocked off. It took us about 2 hours to make the loop because every few steps we were stopped by people wanting to pet the hounds or take pictures. Kris even got a soundbite on the local news.

Lucas is dressed with his bunny ears with a few peeps on his back.

A group pic. How could you not want to pet the hounds.

We were being stopped every few steps for petting and pictures

Lucas, Dana, and Sara

The hounds pose with the Easter bunny.

Lucas greets an Olde English Sheepdog.

The hounds are happy to meet the local Shakespeare group

Blue in his dapper hat with his sister Anna

Tristan with his top hat, his sunflower sister Sara, and Dana wondering why she couldn’t just get a bonnet.

Logan is tired and shows that greyhounds do indeed know how to sit.

A cute shot of my two girls, Jaime and Stella

Sara looking regal in her sunflower hat

Dana still has her bunny ears on a couple of hours into the event

A little girl squealed when she saw Jaime and just had to giver her a hug

Jaime and Stella waiting in line to ride the ponies.


  1. I think Dana looked "regal" in her bunny ears. ;-) She liked them...really...she did. ;-)

  2. The hounds look so cute!!! I'm shocked Lucas kept bunny ears on, and Stella looks like she loooooooves her new sister!

  3. The photos are fantastic! Next year I'll be there with my camera too :)

  4. such fine ladeeez.

    they almost look like they're discussing a scandal.