Monday, February 5

2 -2 +1 = 1 & Greyhound Tattoos

        I was at a meeting all last week in Orlando for work. When I left, we had Jassy Gal and KB’s Road Test. They both went to new homes while I was gone. But I returned to a new foster, Blue Boy, soon to be renamed by his forever home as Chatham Blue. His new family has met with him already, and he will be officially adopted this weekend. So my kids have this week to teach him the ropes. Here is a picture that Trina took of Blue in her backyard this weekend while we were down there for the Super Bowl. I was going to take some pics, but I was so worn out from my meeting that I ended up taking a nap. By the time I woke up, it was almost dark. Luckily, Trina had gotten some good pics of the kids in the yard. Check it out at FastGreyz. I’ve been slacking on my photography duties lately.
        On Saturday, I helped Aubry get a new car. She had previously owned a Honda Civic and was leaning that way. I am a Toyota man, so I tried to get her to buy a Toyota. Either a Corolla or Matrix. Kris had previously had a Matrix, and she really like it. Since we didn’t need three cars, we ended up selling it. Aubry test drove an ‘03 Civic and liked it. Then we went to the Toyota dealer, and she test drove a Matrix. It was a fully loaded ‘05. With a little bit of haggling, we drove off the lot a little bit later with a shiny Toyota. It would have been two shiny Toyotas, but my 4Runner is quite dirty right now. It was quite funny to see the sales guys coveting my ‘98 4Runner because it’s a Limited with only 65,500 miles on it. They are always thinking of the resale value.
        Trina and Kris both got tatoos this weekend. Of what? What else would two greyhound cult members get? Tattoos of greyhounds, of course. Trina got one of an outline of a running greyhound. Kris got one of a VAGA-designed greyhound with a heart tail. Check out more pics of them at FastGreyz.

She also got one of an apple in memory of her mother who was an elementary school teacher. There are more shots of the tatoos on FastGreyz. It’s not that I was too chicken to get one. I just can’t decide on a design. Once I do, I will get one too. Stella votes that her daddy gets a tattoo of her portrait with a heart outline around it. She’s such a queen.


  1. love the tats!
    and Blue Boy is a hottie. he'd definitely been a fonzie as a human.