Wednesday, February 28

Dawson & More Snow

We recently had an ice storm come through. The kids love the snow. But ICE... That’s another story. I think the look on Stella’s face says it all. She is disgusted at the fact that we made her go potty under those conditions. Looks like she is waiting for us to cut a path to her favorite potty spot. With their higher center of gravity, the greys are not nearly as sure-footed on the ice as Parker.

In between the ice storm and the recent snow storm, we had a bit of a lull. That did not stop this guy from from running his dualie truck into the ditch. I was woken up on Saturday to the sound of screeching tires and a loud dull thunk. Then spinning tires. I look outside and what do I see? Looks like he tried to take the right turn a bit too early and landed in the ditch. Don’t think it’s too easy to rip the rear end off of a dualie truck, but as the picture shows, the rear end ain’t really connected to the truck anymore.

We have been babysitting Dawson (Italian V) this past week. He is such a love bug. When he wasn't napping, he was chewing on bones, eviscerating stuffies, or chowing down on his food. He is probably the most food-motivated grey we’ve seen. He needed a little fattening up, and we were happy to oblige. It was fun just watching him woof his food down.

What was supposed to be a ‘flurry’ turned out to be probably the best snow of the season so far. As you’ll see in the following pics, the kids are thoroughly enjoying it. It was a nice wet snow which gave the kids plenty of traction for ripping around the yard.

I am being charged by Stella, Lucas and Dawson

Here are all four of the kids running around. Parker even got in on the action.

Stella is practicing her final leap for the finish line for when she makes her triumphant return back to the track someday.

Does Lucas enjoy running in the snow? Just look at that crazed look of enjoyment on his face.

After all the running, Stella thought it necessary to regain her dignity by posing for a regal shot.


  1. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I just recently (couple weeks ago) adopted a grey through GAP QLD here in Brisbane and am totally in love. I feel like I've had him forever and I'm so glad to hear that there are many others "back home" in the USA being blessed with adopting a grey, too. Keep up the good work! There are so many dogs out there needing good forever homes and you are making such a difference.

  2. i have such grey/snow envy now. the closest i get is the end-of-bath splash of cool water (remember, it's summer here). tamale goes nuts. then she runs all over. i think she's creating her own breeze.

  3. Genji, just wondering...has Stella always had a white face, or is has that come on as she's gotten older? My boy Tiger is a blue brindle and I was wondering if I have the "ghost face" to look forward to. It just looks so cool!