Monday, February 19

Ripley & Ming
We had unexpected guests Saturday night. We got a call that a fellow VAGA member was in a car accident. We went and picked her up and watched her furkids for the night while she went to check on her husband at the hospital. He was later released with a minor concussion. We are already watching Murphy for a week. Kris’ dad is in Florida for his annual fishing trip this time of year. So we had our crew, Murphy, and Ripley (grey) and Ming (Pekingese). Aubry was also spending the night, so we again had a house full. Ripley is about two and Ming is about one and a half. Much younger than our crew.
Ming was a bundle of energy and wanted to play with everyone.
In this shot, Ming is playing with Parker and Ripley decides to get in on the action. Ming was also trying to play with Murphy. Funny to see Murphy getting a taste of his own medicine. Murphy is always the obnoxious one bothering everyone else.
Jason and Trina got a new grill. I’m looking forward to the pictures. Jason was out in the cold on Sunday assembling it. It’s a stainless steel 4-burner with rotisserie and side burner. Looking forward to some nice cookouts. Jason will have fun breaking that sucker in.
With no fosters for a week, Noah has been out and about. At one point this weekend, we were taking a nap with Stella, Lucas, Parker, Murphy and Noah. That’s two people, two greys, two medium size mutts, and a kitty cat on a king-size bed.
Here is a pic of Noah snuggling with Stella.
In the last shot, Stella looks like she has a tumor in the shape of a cat head.


  1. They are all just too adorable for words, Genji. I love reading your blog!

  2. I have to make the minor correction..Jason's new grill is a 5 burner. hehe. ;-)

  3. it would be a dream to have one of my cats snuggling up with tamale. right now peppa plays everyone's favourite game: swat the grey. no claws. just a reminder that he's new and tops!

    i don't think any cat on this planet would snuggle up to that end of tamale, though. i'm convinced that the size of her thighs come from stored gas pockets.