Tuesday, February 13

Debbie's Newest Granddaughter

        Let me just start by saying that I am so glad that neither Stella nor Lucas have any offspring. Kris would be obsessed with tracking them down and adopting as many as we could. We check on the greyhound database periodically to see if any of their siblings have been adopted out. No luck so far. Stella was one of eight. Lucas was one of two pups. He’s such a big boy, that there wasn’t room for any more. Trina’s Dana was one of seven, and greyhound database says four of them have been adopted out. Guess it’s luck of the draw.
        Now on to Debbie. She has opened the bag one more time and ‘chipped’ again. Her Ally had 14 offspring. Now Debbie has two of them. LnL Fast Ali now known as Leah, and the newest addition is LnL Fast Lori.
LnL Fast Jake is in the same town with a fellow VAGA member. Now that makes five greyhounds and Toby. And Crystal the cat. That beats our two greys, Parker, and three kitties. Sounds like a game of furkid poker. This last pic is of one of Debbie’s kids, Dream.
As you can see in the pic, she has a serious overbite. Doesn’t she look cute in her pj’s.


  1. my tamale is a snorkle dog. i LOVE the overshot jaw. especially when they're looking straight at you. that photo is a classic!

  2. sorry, had to come back again to look at dream. hilarious. every time!