Thursday, January 24

First Snow

As I write this, we have just had our second snow. And forecast for more snow tomorrow. This first snow was at the end of a rainy week, and was more icy than snowy.
Daddy, do I really have to walk on the ice?
Boys, don’t eat the yellow snow.
Buck did a quick potty, then ran back inside.
Stanley does not enjoy the crunchy snow, and does the high step. Lipizzaner Stan.
Parker decides to just do his business at the top of the yard.
Stella on the other hand went to the far corner, and stopped mid poop run to pose for a shot.
The sun did come out later in the day, and Jaime dreams of warmer days.
Buck decided the best place was in front of the fireplace.
Stella decided that snuggling into the new Costco bed was a sure bet.
Jaime, like Polly, finds this a comfortable way to break in the new bed.


  1. They all like to lay in the beds when they are piled up on something! We are expecting nasty weather tomorrow.

  2. I feel their pain with the cold and ice! I prefer to avoid it at all costs, too, and returning to a comfy bed seems like the best course of action to me, too!

  3. sadie and katie love playing in snow. but i had to take them to yellowstone to find that out.

  4. It can't be much fun going out in the snow when you are skinny with not much hair :)
    I like Buck, he is a very handsome young man, I really like those moo-cow greyhounds!
    Lynne x

  5. Welcome to the gang of snow Greyhounds:) We are forecast to have more tonight and into the early hours of tomorrow, but then temps are rising and it's turning wet.

    All you dogs are lovely, but I do have a soft spot for Buck. He really is a handsome lad.

    Had to laugh at the reference to my Polly:)

  6. They always look SO comfortable! Deccy x ps. What is a Big Green Egg?!

  7. Snow is fun, ice is not. Love your beds! Stay warm kids!

  8. Beautiful!! Ours kind of like the snow, but Sid is very careful or he slips.

    The bed on top of the sofa is funny!!

  9. That Stella is a regal girl - mid poop or not!
    I wish I could find those "sided" beds around here. We have just the flat ones. Maybe they sell those only in really cold states.

  10. Our snow has finally gone, seems like we had it for weeks, hounds go all silly playing in it and of course the upside is no muddy paws LOL, have fun guys. Boy do those beds look comfy!

    Sue x

  11. Shiloh loves that new Costco style bed too. she thinks it is the perfect fit for a little dog.

  12. Love the new costco beds! We will have to check here for can never have too many dog beds, right? Our guys like the snow but not once it turns to ice. Too much slipping and sliding on those long legs.

  13. You have captured greyhound snow reactions perfectly.