Saturday, February 2


We got a second snow last week. Just a dusting this time. The light stuff. Stella seems to have some on her nose.
She stood in the sunlight until it melted off.
Parker pretending that he is searching for truffles instead of poopsicles.
This past weekend, Trina and her parents came for a visit. Can you see all 9 pups in the picture? You can guess where Cali is. Trina’s mom has all three of the little ones.
Stella and Cali, the two Queens, keep an eye on their underlings in the yard.
Obviously, Shane learned how to lay in a bed from Stella.
Now meet Bo-Berry. We haven’t had a foster fresh from the track in a while. What a cutie pie.
With a serious overbite.
Who quickly learned about toys. Appears she is piling them in the sunlight to keep them warm.
Even though she had left Florida just a couple days before, she didn’t seem to mind the snow at all.
Learn by example. Jaime shows Bo-Berry how to do the stairs.
The beds were a different story. She initially preferred the towel we put in front of the back door to wipe paws. Is this how you’re supposed to do it?
Is this the right size?
She finally figured it out.

Now for a game of Hide n Seek.


  1. Oh how I wish when I looked into my living room I had that many dog beds with dogs in them:)

    Bo-Berry is so cute. Loving the over bite:) That last photo is so funny, you can see her smiling:)

  2. Bo-Berry is adorable!!! Love those overbites. We have snow here and cold. UGG!

  3. Bo-Berry is super cute! Looks like she is learning fast. The new living room looks like it holds everyone well.

  4. Bo-Berry is so CUTE! But, when don't I feel that way about a greyhound. We just got a boat-load of snow, so Freedom, Casper Nikki are enjoying winter sports.

  5. What a little sweetie-pie Bo-Berry is. She doesn't look very old either, or is she?
    It is amazing how well she has learned from your pups, her new family are going to have a wonderful life with her!
    Lynne x

  6. What a cutie! Y'all might have to keep her :) -A

  7. Aww, Bo-Berry is a rather cute girl!
    Shame about her overbite, I will invent doggie braces for her!!

  8. Bo-Berry sure is in the right place to learn how to live in a home!

  9. OOoooooooo! I love Bo-Berry! Please, pretty please, wrap her up and send her here! That face is just adorable!

  10. Three things:
    1. Props to you guys for bringing in so many foster pups. That's what we were trying to do when we brought Walker home - get him ready for his forever home and send him off to it. We failed. He has his forever home with us. Now - how can I convince Tim that we really, really can still be a foster family?
    2. I've heard a lot about greyhounds with overbites but never actually seen a greyhound overbite. That Bo-Berry is such a cutie!
    3. Trina's Shane is precious. I'm so glad he has a happy home with them.

  11. Bo-Berry makes me want to buy an extra bed at our house and bring her home! Well actually, we have more than enough beds now. If I could only talk my wallet into it! A day hanging out at home in the living room with 8 greyhounds and a sidekick seems like a perfect day to me.

  12. Bo-Berry is adorable! I love all the greys in your house. You have the best house on the block, I am sure!

  13. Aww, Bo-berry is so cute! Love that overbite and her brindle coat!

  14. Oh, my goodness, Bo-Berry is GORGEOUS! She has the cutest face! And I love the picture of the toys, too. Somehow it looks like a piece of artwork.