Friday, January 4

Last Guests of 2012

We had a last round of house guests the final week of last year. The kids have been enjoying not sharing so far in 2013.
We stacked all the beds (around 30) we brought from the old house to figure out how many to keep. Belle thought this was just grand. Stella is jealous she didn’t think of it first.
Belle, is that plush enough for you?
There is a set of four steps from the lower to upper deck. The greyhounds consider it a mere inconvenience. Vesta winds up.
We have take-off.
Easily clears it.
Successful landing.
Sunday and Beau enjoy the beds in front of the fireplace. You can see Stella’s reflection in the fireplace glass, as she presides over the room from the couch.
Finley agrees that napping on the couch is the place to be.
When the kids were doing zoomies in the yard, they were being supervised by the Elders: Shane and Stella.


  1. Belle and my Casper might be related. I don't think Casper can ever have enough beds. Skipping the steps...hilarious! You always have the funniest things going on.

  2. Those beds! That's so funny, because that's how it is here. If I pile them up to run the vacuum, Sadie will climb on top of the pile. These hounds crack me up!

  3. The Princess and the Pea comes to mind:)

    Glad the pack are loving their new home.

  4. You could at least get them something to lie down on.... LOL. Are you expecting an invasion of Greyhounds? How lovely would that be!
    Lynne x

  5. Blueberry loves a stack of beds, too! Too darned cute!

  6. Hi Gyeong
    I left a little message on my blog for you. I would love to make some mini-me Greyhounds for you, I think your kids would look brilliant. If you email me on

    we can have a chat about what you would like.

    Lynne x

  7. The correct answer is of course to keep ALL the beds!!! Your new house looks like a veritable greyhound playground! Lovely photo's as ever! <3

  8. What beautiful dogs!! The white and fawn in the last picture reminds me of my lovely Jim (our first greyhound) who was actually white and brindle, but with very similar markings and stance/expression as he aged.

    LOVE the series of Vesta jumping up the steps - and would you believe this is the second 'Princess and Pea' greyhound blog I've read this week. They do love a heap of beds, don't they?