Thursday, June 16

Summer is Here

All the Spring showers brought lush growth. Love the smell of honeysuckle.
Hope the snapping turtle was not too disturbed from all the dogs barking at the fence to finish laying eggs.
Summer also brings thunder storms. Our kids are pretty oblivious to storms, except Jaime. Her current routine is to roo until she gets a chicken treat, then she curls up on the couch to be covered which I think makes her feel safer.
I am attempting a small garden in the front yard. I think I pulled this carrot up too early. 5 feet of green for a couple inches of scrawny carrot.
Kris left a shopping bag full of Ziploc bags of food at the door to the basement. This was meant to be used for fosters and such, but Beth decided to help herself. She took it back to the safety of her favorite bed where she had just been snuggling with the growly lion.
Stanley waking up from a nap. Roaching gone bad.
Greyhound version of the Figure 4 leg lock. Stella is looking to the ref to call the match over. The donkey is waiting to tap-in.
Charlie is our latest and last new boarder. After looking at our recent schedule, we are closing our house to new boarders. What started out as a way to help out new adopters, has over the years turned into a full house much of the time. My kids will enjoy their downtime from babysitting duties.


  1. Good luck with your garden! I did one for a few years and had luck with a few things and others not so much. Was not born with a green thumb, I suppose. We just ordered the Thundershirt for Maggie Mae. She is terrified of storms. Maybe this would help Jamie. :0

  2. Oh, that roaching gone bad picture just sent me over the edge! Poor guy! Then I saw the wresting picture! Your hounds don't lack for amusing things to do, that's for sure!

    That carrot is a bit misleading. Our kids at school had a garden and they were all quite dismayed by the size of the tiny carrots, too. I don't know what the secret is to get them to grow bigger, but I'd love to hear it!

  3. The wrestling picture (and caption) literally made me laugh out loud! Good luck on shutting down to new boarders. You guys deserve a break, but I'm glad we got on the list before you did it :)

  4. Charlie is a handsome boy. I wanted to let you know you've been given an Inspiration Award. Stop by to pick it up. :-)

  5. I'm so tired of our daily evening storms!!! Love your carrot picture. Hilarious! :-) And the frog leg dog, of course. With 6 greyhounds of our own, we aren't babysitting for others anymore either. We will continue to sit those we sit, but then that's it. Honestly, you guys babysit so much... I'm not sure I know how many dogs you have or who they are... LOL :-)

  6. Ha ha ha ha! The carrot! HA HA HA HA HA!