Tuesday, June 28

Sheep and Swans

We visited a local sheep farm, Everona Dairy, making various cheeses from their milk. It was a hot day, and the sheep weren’t really moving much.
The farm dog came to check out the new visitors in blue booties.
Baby sheep are so darn cute.
Yum. Corn and pellets.
Can you smell the cheese cave? Could almost taste it.
The 15 year old Border Collie whom the owner said just stopped working one day. Now he just roams the farm in total disregard of the sheep.
We washed off the sheep smell, and headed out to dinner at Barboursville Winery’s Palladio restaurant. I’m not much for having to wear a coat to dinner, but the food was yummy.
Trina and Kris play Words with Friends in the morning, while the kids lay all around. Except for Henry who is giving his mommy a kiss.
Shiloh and Cali were there first. But being the couch queen, Stella somehow managed to squeeze her rump in.
Trina was delayed a few minutes in the morning to let the swans cross the road. The babies look so fluffy and cute.


  1. The swans and sheep are too cute! We are looking forward to our trip to Baboursville in October. :)

  2. Love the border collie... F#@$ the sheep! Herd them yourself. :-)

  3. Those lambs and goslings are both adorable! That Border Collie looks like quite a character.

    Now I have to track down that word game! Thanks a lot! :P

  4. I went to a sheep farm in New Zealand and also watched them sheer a sheep - it was pretty interesting and you're right the babies are cute!

  5. Glad you took photos! The lambs were super cute!

  6. I love Trina's face in the cheese cave. She might look more excited than Wallace.

  7. I love Trina's face in the cheese cave. She might look more excited than Wallace.

  8. That was so important that I said it twice.

  9. I love your Blog....I have linked your Blog to mine, check it out http://lukethegreyt.wordpress.com/

    Darrin & Laura

  10. Clever Border Collie to retire itself:) The spotted lambs are cute, I used to breed them myself and spin the wool. Turns out lovely. Yummy ... cheese.