Sunday, November 9

Stella G4, More ETS, and Ms. Edie Divine

Well, this past Thursday was Stella’s 4th Gotcha Day. Hard to believe it’s been four entire years. Two girls were brought up during her haul, and we were asked to choose. I was loving on the other one when Stella (Carol’s Wheel) bulldozed her way in and started giving me kisses. Sometimes we wonder how different our lives would’ve been if we had chosen the other one (i.e. Stella had not chosen us). We’re glad she did.

Here are a couple of pics from her first year with us. Stella was not always the charming lady she is today. Here she is introducing herself to Parker. Parker is beginning to wonder if mommy and daddy always make the best decisions.
One of my favorite pics is of Stella and Lucas on the couch.
For those of you with the Celebrating Greyhounds Desk Calender, Stella is actually picture for the last week of October. Stella is always a Witch for Halloween.
For those of you who can never get enough ETS pictures. Kinda like puppy pics. No matter how many times we see Stanley with ETS, we always point and laugh. Straight up.
Or roaching.

Synchronized head-to-butt roaching on the couch. A very efficient use of couch space.
Our latest foster is Edie. We actually call her by her full name, Ms. Edie Divine. Is that a stripper name or a porno star name? She’s been a great girl. Got more energy than all our guys put together. Sometimes after we let everyone out in the morning and go back upstairs for a little more sleep, we can hear her downstairs pummeling some stuffies to within an inch of their lives.

She’s got some ears on her. You can actually read her tatoos.
She loves just ripping around the yard. Here she is resting long enough for me to get a shot. She's enjoying the crisp Autumn weather.


  1. i see no photos. where are the photos? you are just being mean.

  2. pics didn't come through...Ms.Edie is adorable

  3. Sorry. My blogger software does not upload the pics automatically for some reason. So I upload the text, then the pics manually a couple minutes later.

  4. Edie is cute cute! She has some big shoulder on her! String bikinis are made for that body!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day Stella!! Those pics of Edie are adorable. She looks like a lot of fun to have around.

  6. happy gotcha day stella. stanley is plotting the way he is going to embarrass you publicly. just wait and see.

  7. Happy Gotcha Day Stella! You definitely ended up with the right grey! Soooo glad that Stella picked her daddy. Love all the pics : )

  8. Gyeong, this is Scott and Iva, we met you at Trina and Jason's house in late October.

    We've linked you up from our blog, feel free to link us as well if you'd like.

    Love the ETS!

  9. Wow, what a great shot of Stella and Lucas! The look in his eyes is fit for a Norman Rockwell painting. And of course Stella is the coolest and Stanley is like a zen master...I wish I could get to that state!

  10. Stella is the best : ) Every year I send the picture of her around at work for Halloween. Poncho wants to know if she would like to date. He is all about the long distance relationship. It means he can drool in private and Stella only has to see his good side.