Saturday, October 25

ETS hits the Park household

        This is a usual site at our house. Stella just wants to hog the blankets because the couch itself just isn’t soft enough for her needs. Jaime waits until Stella is settle in, then just wants to snuggle up with her.

        Since Jaime has to always being touching another greyhound, she tried this with Stanley. The results are not quite as comfortable and resulted in Stanley getting reverse ETS. Looks like a fight between narcoleptic greyhounds.
        It turned out to be a night full of ETS. Maybe it was a full moon or a high pressure system rolling through. Stanley gave us a snarling ETS.
        This is why girls don’t like you to see them when they just get up. She quickly pulled it back in, but it was too late.
        Jaime wanted to join the ETS club. She looks sad because this was the best she could do.


  1. Love the one of Stella! Jamie's ETS is sad. Tell her she can join the ETS minor leauge club, Cueball is the president, but she could be VP. =)

  2. jaime is subtle. her beauty is in the finer things. any more tongue would be just gauche.

  3. look how lovely stella's teeth are. perfectly straight, or at least from that angle. did you put doggie braces on her and none of the others. clearly the favorite. or at least the pageant princess of the lot.

  4. Stanley is definitely the ETS winner on this one.

  5. no matter how many pictures I see of greyhound tongues I am constantly amused!

  6. Stella's got that zen thing going on too!