Sunday, November 30

Elsa Comes To Play

Edie went to meet her new family last week. Her new brother, Murphy (German Shepherd mix), was ecstatic to see her. He looked quite sad when we left. Because of the hectic schedules around the Thanksgiving Holiday, she will stay with us for another week. What’s better than having one foster? Two of course.
Elsa is a bounce-back. She is a little wild child who just turned 3 this month, so maybe she is just busy celebrating. Edie’s level of activity made our guys look like slugs. Elsa makes Edie look like a slug. Elsa takes a break from eviscerating some stuffies.She loves doing zoomies in the yard. She definitely needs a home with a fence. Not sure she can be tired out by just walking. Just look at the mischievousness in her eyes. There’s a whirling dervish hidden in there.
Kris went to the Tech vs. UVa football game on Saturday. Arch rivals. Tech won the game and goes on to the ACC championship game next week. Her dad dropped off Murphy. Elsa couldn’t get enough. Finally a dog that could keep up with her. They went at it for 30 minutes nonstop while the rest of the gang just watched in awe at their stamina. Like watching gladiator fighting at the Colosseum. Stanley played the referee and did a 10 count. Elsa was down, and Murphy is declared the victor. Murphy might not be as fast a greyhound, but he’s a little terrierist and can go all day long.Just a cute pic of Jaime and Stanley sharing a pillow.


  1. Elsa sounds like a greyhound anomaly and Murphy's tail says he's very proud of himself for earning bragging rights in this match-up! Definitely a cute picture of Jaime and Stanley :)

  2. denise (less is more) has a pup that plays like this. it absolutely wears all the others out to watch peanut. it is so not like a greyhound to act like this. it cracks me up.