Saturday, November 22

5 Year Anniversary

Boy how time flies when your having fun :) This past weekend was our 5th anniversary. We had Meagan come stay with the kids while we went to D.C. to visit some of the newer monuments and museums we hadn’t seen yet. The weather was a bit wet and dreary, but at least it wasn’t pouring the rain.
We first visited Arlington National Cemetery before actually crossing into DC. Stopped to see the eternal flame at JFK’s gravesite, and made our way to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Once in downtown DC, we were kindly reminded why we don’t visit often. Traffic was bumper to bumper, confusing one way streets, policemen blocking off roads for various reasons which caused my GPS to perform ‘recalculating route’ a lot. We checked into the hotel, then walked to the National Mall to see the new World War II Memorial. Kris admires the memorial, with the Pacific side on the left, and the Atlantic side on the right. The Lincoln Memorial is at the far end.
Doing a 180 turn from there shows the Washington Monument. Stayed pretty foggy all day.
We spent most of our time in the Holocaust Memorial Museum. We couldn’t take any pictures inside, not that I really wanted to. We spent about 4 hours walking through the three levels. Kinda crazy to see what people are capable of.
We had a nice dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill. We had eaten there once before, and man, do they have great oysters! After dinner and a nice bottle of wine, we hit a bar on the way back and had a bottle of champagne. We stumbled back to the hotel only to hit the bar there, where the bartender kept giving free refills on our drinks when he found out it was our anniversary. We slept in late and barely made it out by checkout time the next morning.
We had big plans for our Saturday in DC. The Newseum, Spy Museum, and Crime and Punishment Museum. We went to the Crime and Punishment Museum first. After 4 hours, we didn’t have time to hit the others. Kris is being punished for spending too much time in one museum.

Helping to keep the city clean.
When we got back, everyone was very happy to see us. But then they went back to their usual spots in a few minutes.
Edie giving me the stinkeye! Like I want that nasty old Loofa dog.
I have added two new greyhound blog links. Please check them out. Beau and Belle and Treasure What You Have.


  1. happy anniversary. time flies by when you are having fun! it looks like you guys had a nice trip despite being put into the stocks :)

    my girls have perfected the stink eye.

  2. Happy 5th Anniversary!! =) Looks like you had a nice trip. Great pics. =)

  3. Happy Anniversary (again!)! See you guys soon!

  4. Happy anniversary!

    That picture with the monument looks awesome. It looks like she's standing on water :)

  5. happy anniversary! I love that your greys went straight back to the couch - mine do the same....they are 'it's all about me!'