Monday, January 28

Eleanor Visits

We had a houseguest last week. Eleanor is an only dog, and she was showing signs of separation anxiety. So she came to stay with us for a week to see if she was inherently neurotic or just needed some company. Lucky for us, she just missed being around other greys. She got along with just fine with our kids. And there were no mishaps.

She seemed a bit wary of the camera at first.

She seemed more comfortable in the house.
Hey mister! Enough with the camera already!


  1. eleanor has some legs on her. do you think she's just annoyed that her collar doesn't match her fur?

  2. Seka was a little nutty for a while when we first got her. Then she settled in. And then she went nutty again after our first foster left us. It is amazing how having a buddy cures a lot of things. And for humans it makes some of us nuttier :). I love that yawn shot.

  3. I hope Eleanor getting a new furry sister will help her with her "problems". The pictures are great. She's a beauty!

  4. LOL - inherently neurotic - isn't that beside 'greyhound' in the dictionary!!!