Wednesday, January 9

Back to the Greys

We did a bit of babysitting over the Holidays while people went on vacation. Our kids enjoy having company over. Jaime enjoyed sharing the couch with Zoey.
Zoey’s sister Dora enjoyed snuggling on the couch with our kids. Stella is not in the picture because she wanted no part of this whole ‘sharing the couch with strangers’ business.

Another boarder was Luna. She stayed with us for week while her family was in New Hampshire. She got along just swell with our kids. Everyone wanted to be seen with Luna. Stanley with Luna.

Stella decides it’s ok to be seen with Luna.
Jaime does her impression of Tamale’s up-the-skirt peekaboo. Looks more like, ‘leave me alone daddy, I’m trying to get some sleep here’.
Jack (aka Woody Jack the Galgo) posing at our first Meet ‘n Greet of the year with his sisters Tallie and Topaz. We had 24 greys show up for the event. Greyhounds wherever you turned.
Look out cute I am. Everyone says so. I look smashing in my camouflage coat!
I love you so much Stella. Do you mind if I breathe on your eye? It’s a sign of affection. I promise.
Jaime has many ways of showing her affection for Stella. Sure sis, you can get me in a headlock. If that’s what makes you happy. Jaime is always putting other peoples happiness before hers. She’s such a sweetie.
This is what happens when greys fall asleep on the couch while sniffing each other’s butts. I guess the aroma made them narcoleptic.

A parting shot of Stanley and his football. His new favorite toy. Though he may be sliding off the dog bed, he will save the football. He has dreams making the NFL draft and becoming a Hall of Fame linebacker.


  1. it's the greyhound version of the bunnyhop dance. much more dangerous. the headlock is funny. those thighs are like pillows. pillows of death gas.

  2. mystep daughter just asked, "is that like brooke's house but in america?"

    oh yeah. brooke. the parks. t&j... SUCKERS!




  3. As a fellow sucker, I resemble that comment. ;-)
    Great headlock shot! Jaime is so cute!

  4. if a donkey's small-town dream of becoming an anheuser-bush clydesdale can come true, i see nothing standing in the way of stanley's football aspirations. =)

  5. The greyhound bum train photo is to die for. Classic shot. Totally calendar worthy.