Thursday, February 7

Super Bowl Playdate

If you want more pics of the playdate, you can check them out at Trina’s blog. I will try not to repeat too many photos. Since I have quite a few pics, I will keep the commentary short.

Dante with Diego the Whippet’s muzzle on. This may stop him from his poo-eating ways.
The requisite pic of Stella thinking she’s so pretty.
Parker decides to join the big dogs.
Playing follow the leader, or is that follow the stuffie.
Stella and Dana posing in the yard.
Dolly enjoys a head scritch from her mommy.

When everyone else was inside, Stanley decided to spend some quality time with the octopus.
The chase goes clockwise.
Amanda kisses on Blue with admirers Hemingway and Diego.
Dana rooing for everyone to come back out and play.
Stella and Dolly stalking Dante. Dante standing his ground.
A recent adoptee, Smoke, enjoying time with his new friends.
Diego was the Houdini of getting his muzzle off.
Princess Ana thought it safer just to stay with her daddy. Kenney loves having a daddy’s girl.
Hemingway is so happy that he got invited to the party.
Blue says ‘Look what I can do if I have a yard“. Mommy, Daddy!
Stanley is tired and needs the toy basket to hold his head.


  1. stella and dolly are velociraptors and dante is a lamb.

    a lamb with some cajones!

    jurassic backyard.

  2. Who doesn't love a good game of follow the stuffy? I wonder how they choose who gets to hold the stuffy?

    Is Princess Ana wearing a poncho?

  3. Stanley reminds me of ET in the toy cupboard!

  4. Dante has a muzzle of his OWN now...he loves it....*evil grin*
    thanks for coming was a lot of fun!!

  5. I totally love your pics! They are the best!
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  6. I love the shot of Dana rooing! What posture! You can see her feeling the roo through her whole body: abs flexed, ribs showing, tail up! The shot of Stanley in the stuffies is so much like that scene in E.T. Wow, great photos!

  7. OMG Dante is an older version of my Limo :-o Is he jealous of the greyhounds' long legs too?