Sunday, January 20

Playing in the Snow

Unlike some people in the southern hemisphere who are on their summer vacation, we got our first real snow of the year. The last snow we had when Alex was here was just a dusting. This was a good three inches. Kris came home early from work, and we played with the kids in the yard. We only got one day to get good pics. The following day was in the 50s, so most of the yard melted in a day.
Kris threw the toy, and Stanley got to it first. The girls then took off. This confused poor Stanley, so he just stood there with the toy in his mouth.
Once again, the girls see that Stanley is indisposed, so they take off. Poor Stanley.
Jaime is kicking up some powder as she rips around the yard.
Not sure if Kris threw a snowball at her butt, but she whipped around to see what it was.
The snow was making Jaime especially frisky.
Of course the snow turns Stella into a crazy woman.
Jaime calmed down for long enough to take a composed shot.
Stanley decided to pose for the shot during mid-run.
Parker admires Jaime’s ability to catch the Booda bone in mid-air.
When she wasn’t looking, Parker snatched the Booda bone and made a run for it.

Parker also managed to sneek a Booda bear while the greys weren’t paying attention.
Stanley finally got his act together and made a run around the yard with the potato head.


  1. Greyt pictures! I have camera envy. =) Our kids had a blast in the snow. Like Stella, Maggie becomes a crazy woman. It looks like you guys got more snow than we did. Now I have snow envy too. LOL!!

  2. AWESOME pictures!!!! Gyeong captured the excitment in their eyes. My greys like the snow BUT never get nutty crazy in it. Maybe they need to look at the fun your kids are having : )

  3. jaime knows how to show off for the lens. i see that stella wasn't about to be outdone. poor stanley. so outclassed by the babes.

    i think mine would freak if they saw snow. i envy you that. you get winter fashions.

  4. Incredible photos. In the deep South, we don't get snow like that. Maybe a dusting every 86 years. Or when Haley's Comet comes around.

    I'm not sure what Seka would do in the snow. Surely not buck around like a stallion.

  5. I am so jealous...the closest that mine get to snow is licking an ice cube that fell on the floor!!!

  6. Snow rocks!!! We don't get much here..but I am about to post 'our version of snow' pictures...sadly we are only an hour south of you!!!