Thursday, June 7

Richmond Carwash

We had another VAGA carwash on Saturday. This time in Richmond. It was quite the bright sunny day for a carwash. No pics this time. Too busy washing cars. We managed to bring in some decent donations. Luckily these people did not watch the weather report. By Sunday morning, the front edge of Tropical Storm Barry was bombarding us with heavy rains.
After the carwash, we retreated back to Trina’s for dinner and drinks and playing with the doggies. Dinner was yummy as the local Greek Festival was going on. They were renovating the church, so it was only drive-thru this year. Which was fine by me since I was pooped out from washing cars.
Since it was hot, we were swapping dogs out every hour or so using Trina’s house as home-base as it was only a few minutes away. Not surprisingly, by the time we were done, some of them had decided to leave us some ‘surprises’ on the carpet. While the spots were being cleaned, we had everybody outside. All the activity is inside, so why would the kids want to be outside? Oh please let us in. We promise to be good.

No really mister, please let us in.

Jaime likes to lay ‘in the way’. What do I mean by that? Here she is laying in front of the sliding door to the deck. Nobody can get by without stepping over her.

The kids did their usual romping around the back yard. Here is a shot of Booyah running around with his prize catch.

His sister Maggie was focused on the rubber balls flying through the yard. We would throw the ball, and she looked like a wide receiver waiting for a pass from the quarterback.

The next few shots show some of Stella’s various dog bed / couch partners. Dana had already claimed the bed out on the deck. Did this stop Stella from circling around then plopping her rump right down on the same bed?

Stella and Maggie are both alpha dogs in their respective households. But on neutral turf, they respect the other’s right to sit on the couch.

Jaime loves to be touching another dog when she lays down. Especially Stella. When presented with Stella’s rump, she just couldn’t give up the opportunity.

When we made it back home, the kids decided they needed a nap from all the weekend activity. They were even nice enough to leave two cushions for us.


  1. I am glad to see that greys behave the same all over the world...!

  2. i love how well your dogs stack on the couch... we definitely need to invest in a bigger one! once again, just fabulous pictures of the pups!! =)

  3. so when will you talk to stella about sticking to one life-couch partner?