Wednesday, May 30

Big Green Egg

Author's Note to original post added on 6/1.

Well, I finally got my Big Green Egg. I have always been a gas grill man. Charcoal was too much work. But now I am a statistic. I was just reading that a lot of people are getting charcoal grills as a second grill to their gas grill. I still plan on using my gas grill, but a lot of time will be spent experimenting with my Big Green Egg. The BGE is a kamado-style ceramic cooker. Here is Parker guarding the BGE. He knows yummy food will come out of it.

It uses hardwood lump charcoal so there is very little ash to clean up. And with their great heat retention, you can smoke a brisket for 20-30 hours without having to lift the cover and add additional fuel. I’m looking forward to some real barbecuing. The verb, not the noun. I have in my sights, a brisket, a pork butt/shoulder, smoked duck, and a smoked turkey to start. I have already cooked some Tri-tip, chicken thighs, kielbasa and chicken wings on it. I need more practice with the temperature regulation, but the results were quite respectable. At least all the kids thought so

Author's Note: Who is that climbing out of my grill? He says when I do a beer-butt chicken, I should use Foster's. That's Australian for beeyuh!


  1. i have been a statistic for a while... i love charcoal and won't do any other kind of grilling! with a bottle of lighter fluid, it's really not all that much more difficult than lighting up gas! ;-)

  2. What?!?! No beer-up-the-butt chicken?

    Did Mork climb out when you opened it?

  3. you have WAY too much time on your hands. ;-)

  4. beer and the same dish... and you guys think that vegemite is weird!