Wednesday, May 9

Hunting for Warthog

Rose spent the past weekend with her new dad and brother. He is on a business trip this week, so we are watching her until he gets back. She loves her new brother Gus. Sounds like he’s as playful and energetic as she is. She has figured out that if she is done playing before he’s done, all she has to do is run to the other side of the yard. Being a labrador, he’s not built for the chase. She has adjusted to homelife very well. She just loves to play, eat and sleep. And she has not growled once since she’s been back. What a turnaround. We built a special bed for Rose. It consists of a double-stacked dog bed cushioned with two pillows and two comforters. That sounds pretty comfy.

Rose is just a bundle of energy. Being a two year old, she has energy to burn. She joined Lucas as he was doing laps in the yard.

It’s all fun and games until you throw a warthog in the mix. Then it’s Game On!

Lucas gets the warthog. But that doesn’t mean the others have given up. Especially Rose. Looks like she is still going in for the kill.

Rose manages to grab a bit of it.

Lucas says, No, No! It’s mine! Mine!

The hazards of photographing the greys. They get so caught up in playing. They just about knocked me over. Eek!

Rose managed to get the warthog away. She is a very determined girl. Chase On!

After the big hunt, Lucas needed to cool off! So he decided to help us water the plants.


  1. Gyeong, I so look forward to your posts! The Rose & Lucas running photo is great. I love your action shots and am glad you started including the photos in the blog. I think it's time to forget about pharmaceuticals & do photography full time!

  2. good job Gyeong! Rose is too cute!

  3. oh my... those were a riot!

    i especially loved the one of you nearly getting plowed. poor warty.

  4. I want to chase the Warthog too - it looks like FUN! Great photos.

  5. so, we meet again! as you can see, i am no longer lurking, but i am here to share my comments fully. i love the warthog pictures- especially the one with rose's mouth snarling so close to lucas' head. your kids and former-foster are so photogenic!! =)

  6. Great pics! My greys only play with stuffies when they think we are not watching!