Saturday, March 24

St. Patty's Day Parade

This is our second time in the Fredericksburg St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Last year was a nice warm day. This year was cold and windy. We still had a decent turnout. A couple dozen or so hounds.

Here is a pic of us getting the kids prepped in the parking lot.

Doesn’t Dante look so cute in his nifty outfit? I’m sure he hates wearing it, but he loves the attention.

Because it was so cold, it felt like it was forever before they actually started the parade. We had to find refuge from the wind behind the fire trucks. Those flags were just whipping in the wind.

Rita Mae decided that the wait was just too long for her and decided to take a nap in the middle of the road. Her sister, Louisa May Alcott, is looking back at her like, ‘get up girl, what are you doing’? Her brother Earl is patiently waiting for the procession to begin.

During the actual parade, the wind was so strong that we couldn’t get our sign to stay straight.

We were about in the middle of the parade participants. When we came to the end, we watched some of the others as they passed by. Clay was actually in one of the antique firetrucks. You can see him peeking out between the bars.
Stella is watching Clay as he is passing by wondering why she had to walk the entire route while Clay got a free ride. I explained to her that Clay is an 8 year old senior, and that she should respect her elders.

Parker is glad to be done with the parade and going back home. Here he is being my copilot to make sure I don't get lost.


  1. we need parades for this stuff over here. man... greenhounds are the best. shamrock 'tocks!

  2. rofl at shamrock 'tocks...ihatetoast. Anywho, I was gonna say how much I love the green hats, too cute! WIsh we had parades n stuff here, too.