Friday, March 16

Black Magik Lass Returns & Roo Video

Black Magik Lass was adopted out about a month ago. Poor girl is back with us now. She is such a sweet little girl. She settled in very quickly as you can see in the picture.
She gets along well with our kids. That always makes things easier. She’s black with white feet and a white chest. She’s also a smiler. I think the first one we’ve had. She’s still a bit on the thin side, so we’ll have fun fattening her up.

Saturday is our local St. Patrick’s Day parade. We will have fun dressing the kids up and walking in the parade. It was quite warm and sunny last year. Lucas can attest to this as his bare rump was sunburned by the end of the parade. We probably won’t run into that issue this year as it is cold and rainy today, and the forecast for tomorrow is in the 40’s, partly cloudy and windy.

Here are a few gratuitous shots of Lucas. He is always so proud after he’s run around the yard with a stick. Fortunately he picked a small stick today. We always worry when he tries to run around the yard with a log or a 5 ft long branch. Lucas likes to sleep with his head at a 90 degree angle to his body.
As he falls asleep, gravity takes over and his lower jaw starts dropping.
Sometimes his tongue even manages to slip out.

Since Needle Noses and FastGreyz have both started uploading video, figured I’d jump on the bandwagon. This is a video of Stella and Lucas roo’ing. Some of you have seen it before, but I still find it cute to watch. Sometimes I use it to instigate another roo’ing session.


  1. now i have more material. i payed that for the kids and while omo was very curious, tamale, a very quiet dog, started to sing. i'm hoping for a good rooback.

    LOVE THE PHOTOS OF LUCAS! he looks like he's at the aaah of the aaahchoo!

  2. I came here from Katy's blog. Love the video! When playing it from your post there was a lot more interest than the first time we heard it! A very confused looking around! :)

    Poor Black Magic Lass. Who can resist a smiler? I hope she is doing well.