Tuesday, March 27

We finally decided on Jaime.
The name just seemed to fit her
J’aime Jaime. That’s French for ‘I love Jaime’. So let’s see. That makes Parker, Stella, Lucas and Jamie on the canine side. Noah, Greyson and Isabel on the feline side. We like to hang out with people with lots of animals. That way, we don’t seem so crazy.

So how is Jamie spending her time as part of our crew? Well, here is a pic of Stella and Lucas on dog beds on the floor.

Where is Jaime? On the couch of course.

She seems to like the chaise section. It gives her enough space to be a contour roacher. She also seems to be showing some teefers as she naps. It is funny to watch them play musical beds. Downstairs we have about 4-6 dog beds (sometimes we stack them) and the couch. Most times we have two on the couch and two on beds. Then when one gets up, they all get up and look for the next sweet spot.

Today was quite warm outside. It reached an unseasonably warm 80F today. So the kids spent quite a bit of time outside today. Thankfully we have a doggie door and fenced yard. So I don’t even have to get up off the couch if I’m watching tv to let the kids out. But I did a bit of yard work today, so I spent some quality time with the kids. Jaime is turning out to be quite the velcro dog. Will have to see if she changes with time. Here is a pic of the greys taking a nap on the deck.

Parker wasn’t in the picture because he was in the yard looking for something to bark at. Once he finds something, he gives the initial bark alert, and dog beds go flying across the deck as the greys go to check out what is going on.

Note added 3/28: Her name sounds like Jaymee. And it's spelled Jaime. I managed to misspell it once in this entry. I think the French added to the confusion.


  1. Geyong, is it pronounced Jaymee? Or Zhem like the french word? I'm a little confuse since you have spelled it both Jaime and Jamie. I'd love to know...it's a lovely name no matter how it's pronounced and she is absolutley gorgeous. I was viewing the black furkids on greytalk a couple days ago and was just amazed at the beauty of them. Well, I'm just plain smitten with all greys now...there's no hope for it.

  2. Nice teefers!

    Also like the greyhound thing of body on bed, head off. i mean, if anything, i want my head on the soft pilly. go figure. silly things.