Monday, March 26

Oops, I did it again!
Pass the dip, and call me Britney. We’ve chipped.

A few entries ago, I wrote that Black Magik Lass was returned. She was at her first home for a week, a foster home for a couple of weeks, and her second home for over a month before she came to us. We were going to return her to her first foster home, but something made us keep her here. Now she is here for good. She just fit into our family like she had been here all the time.

We introduced her to the couch last night. As you can see, she is quite fond of her newly found elevated soft spot.

She is our first smiler. Nothing like being greeted by a face full of teeth when you come home. She roos along with Stella and Lucas, but has a different style. They roo a straight up AhhRoooooooo...... Magik has an undulating AhhRooooAhhRoooooAhhRoooo...... I will definitely have to catch a video of that. As far as her name, we’re probably not keeping Magik. We have always given our kids human names. Not sure what we’re going to change it to. Stella used to be Carol’s Wheel. Lucas was Roar Lucas, so that worked for us. I’m sure she’ll answer to whatever, as long as we let her on the couch.


  1. SUCKER!

    she looks like a doggie version of anjelica huston. sleek and black. and the sound is similar. how can you decide?! that's too hard. i'm glad she is there with you. i hope to see a picture of her smiling. that cracks me up.

  2. Woohoo! They are like Lay's potato chips..;-)
    We will have to get her to smile with Shiloh.

  3. Awesome! Three is a good number! I like three.. hhmmmm....
    Way to go on accepting Majik in.
    The black ones are sooooo endearing...

  4. I am glad that I am not the only one...I have 4 now...: )
    And she smiles! I have only seen 2 smilers (both fosters) and they were fantastic! A smiler MUST be a keeper!

  5. :) I knew it would happen eventually. Congrats on the new baby girl!! If Parker gets too aggravated that yet another greyhound is staying, I'll send him a bus ticket.....and then he'll only have to deal with a greyhound bus.