Saturday, March 28

Subaru Saturday

We are a two Subaru family again. Kris still has her Outback. And now we have a Forester. Quirky looking, but cute. 
The back is open, and the inside arranged. Now just need the testing crew.
Release the hounds. We had four boarders with us, and they were quick to check things out.
Kaiser and Thibault are the first two in.
Their sister Leelu joins them. And Stanley finally came to see what's going on.
Eventually, Parker comes out. He has learned that it's easier to let the big dogs go out first.
Jenny looks for an opening. Leelu has decided to take it for a test drive, and goes to the front. Kelli wasn't waiting for an invitation, and bulldozed her way in, claiming a bed all to herself.
The kids look forward to their first road trip in the Forester.
As the Subaru slogan says: Dog Tested. Dog Approved.


  1. I like the shape. It is like that old Guinness Book of Records where they try and fit as many people as possible into a red telephone box. How many Greyhounds will fit in a Suberu! Looks very roomy.
    Dip Elliot and Lynne x

  2. I would like to live in a home with that many greyhounds ! And take them for car trips! I think it's wonderful that their curiosity is so strong! Did you sneak and put treats in the car to get them to go nuts for the car?

  3. Wow! I didn't think they would all fit. Can you imagine people watching them all come out? LOL it would be like watching a clown car. LOL

  4. It reminds me on the old one of how many people can you get into a mini:)

    They'll all want to be taken places now.

    Have a good weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey

  5. Wow .. you get seven (or is it eight?) dogs in there? Your dogs live a great life, don't they? A great yard, a wonderful gentle ramp for those that don't do stairs and a neat place to back the car right up so they don't have to jump .. and then the car so roomy and well-padded. Lucky, lucky dogs!

  6. I wish I'd looked in to getting a Forester when I changed cars 3 1/2 years ago. I love my Kia Sportage but I think I'm going to have to get a ramp for Beryl in a few years! Jumping isn't her forte :(

  7. Nice, in a few years when my car is paid off we were looking at Subaru's as a choice.