Sunday, March 22

Ready for Spring

The animals around here are looking forward to Spring.
The deer are looking forward to easier food and more cover when the leaves fill in.
I'm sure the birds would rather not feed in the freezing rain. More food at this feeder, please.
With an easy source of food, why would you want the millet, when you can have sunflower?
These doves are waiting for the buds to open up. And are great at picking up the millet that other birds throw away.
Warming weather seems to bring in the more colorful birds.
Even a woodpecker takes a turn at the feeder.
Not quite working out, it goes back to its usual spots. This is where the tree snapped and broke our fence last year.
Not too fast. This spot is already taken.
OMG! I saw what happened. Are you ok?
Let's have dinner of all the sunflowers I took from the bird feeder, and you can tell me all about it.
Stanley says he won't miss the snow. But he will miss having a big Sno-Cone right outside on the deck.


  1. Stanley, I am amazed that your tongue is not frozen!

  2. I am ready for spring too...the birds are chirping like crazy outside today!

  3. Lovely photos of your wildlife. I love the Cardinal.

    Hope it warms up so your hound/s can get some sun. Sue, Polly & Honey

  4. Ha Stanley! that is what Mabel did with the snow - eat it!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. Crikey ..... I'd sure like one of those snow cones. What beautiful birds you have coming to visit!!

  6. You have such colourful birds.
    Bet that could use a bit of flavour Stanley :)
    Dip Elliot and Lynne x

  7. Love the photos! Stanley, don't eat any yellow snow. ;-)

  8. Stanley is such a beautiful boy!

    I love your bird pictures. We've had so few this winter ... and what is that pretty starling with the red and yellow wings? We NEVER see those here!

  9. How amazing to have so many wild visitors. Great photos of them too! We get rabbits, quail and, on the very rare occasion, a female pheasant. But I can't get any decent photos of them.