Monday, March 16

Feeding Time Routines

Each of our guys has their own routine during feeding time. Jenny likes to shake a stuffie. Stanley will usually lay in our bed watching the whole prepping process.
Then there is Parker. He likes to go and sit just on the outside of the doggie door, and waits for us to knock and tell him it's time. I venture that this might have come out of being knocked down one too many times by the greys, when they get excited during feeding time.
And Kelli. Who follows me around every step. Making sure not to lose sight of me. She likes to keep direct contact with me to let me know that she is still there, and still hungry.
What funny things do your guys do during feeding time?


  1. Awwww.... Parker!! And Kelli, too - so sweet!

    Sid likes to lie in the kitchen in the spot which causes maximum difficulty in the talk of actually getting his food read, but the thing is that he can SEE all the preparations. Jeffie lies with him, but the funny part comes when the food is ready. T

    hey're fed separately, and Sid's feeding station is nearest, so we put Sid's bowl down first. Sid, until recently when he became too stiff, would have to prance in a circle before approaching his bowl to eat. Jeffie has to accompany us into the hall to feed Sid, then trot right along glued to side of the bowl-carrier's knee back through the kitchen and lounge to the conservatory where he is fed. If - horrors! - Jeffie's bowl is put down first, he STILL has to run into the hall to complete the ritual before he can eat! Sometimes it has put him off eating altogether because he's easily confused, so we try not to do that. It's been a pain, though ,when Sid hasn't been well and has been allowed to eat on his bed, as you can imagine!

  2. Ruby likes to dance around on two legs until I feed her! She's like a circus act.

  3. Crikey ...... Mum and Dad despair of me at meal times. I have quite the ritual. I get some meat first which I scoff down at a rate of knots but then I go and hide in a corner of Dad's study and won't come out for about half an hour. The world could come to an end and I would stay in that study. When I'm ready I reappear, like magic, and eat the rest of my dinner (6 chicken necks). This happens EVERY night. Other than this time of day I'm VERY sociable. Parker and Kelli gave me quite the giggle. Love it!!!!!!! Mum reckons it must be a greyhound thing with all the rituals. I'm not a greyhound but I'm the same family, aye??

  4. I am amazed that we don't have more of a ritual...Bilbo is the only one that kicks up a fuss...along with spreading his kibble all over the floor before eating it :-)

  5. Loving the photo of Keli with her head pressed up to you.

    My girls have to wait just outside the kitchen. I have a small kitchen and it would be too easy to spill something hot on them. Even Honey knows if she ventures in before I asked her to (she has her food in the kitchen, Polly has hers just outside the kitchen), and I either say 'out' or just point to the doorway, she turns round and goes out.

    Hope you have a good day. Sue, Polly & Honey

  6. In our tight quarters, the present routine is for me to fill the bowl with dry food and place it on the raised platform, after which the dogs just look at it and ignore it. Later on, Power and Hera eat, but not at the same time even though the bowl is the same.

  7. They are all so funny. Love Parker peeking through the door!
    Ours like to take a mouthful out of their bowl and spit it on the carpet before they eat it - little swines!
    Happy St Patrick's Day.
    Dip Elliot Ted and Lynne x

  8. The hounds here are such creatures of habit at feeding time. My foster has injured his neck and I had to move his bowl to a higher spot for him. He was so confused for at least 2 days.

  9. Beryl grabs a dog bed and starts shaking it when she's hungry. When Asher is really hungry he will go a lie by his food station and look even sadder than usual. He doesn't believe in wasting any energy, lol! Kelli is so sweet.