Sunday, March 13

Two Subies and a Parade.

No it’s not a new sitcom or a Pride parade. We’ve been watching a lot of our regular boarders. It’s been a full house for months. One of the new ones is Walker. He’s a handsome brindle with funky ears.
We took the kids to the local St. Paddy’s Day parade this weekend. It was supposed to be warm, but it was a bit cold and windy. The girls decided to warm up in the car while waiting for the start.
Stan was dressed up as the St. Paddy’s Day Pimp.
Various people in the parade stopped by the pet the kids while we waited.
Yay! Time to start walking.
One of our other boarders, Nellie, was pimpin’ it too.
Now for the two Subies. I was able to finagle a Subaru Forester as my new company car. I picked it up from the dealer, brought it home, and the kids jumped in to go to the parade. So it was free of dog hair for all of 10 miles or so.


  1. Lucky you on that Forester! Hubby has his eye on one for us someday.

    I love all the green for the paraders! I really wish I was able to attend our parade, but it's in the middle of the day on Thursday. I'll just live through you!

  2. The parade looks like lots of fun, love the pimpers. :-) Congratulations on the Subaru, what a score.

  3. Love that brindle boy and his ears! I can't imagine having a car with no dog hair in it!

  4. the hounds all looked greyt at the parade! Adorable!

  5. Dog hair is a good thing : )
    The parade was fun. Just maybe one year it will not be too hot, too cold or rain-free.

  6. Stan and Nellie make one cute couple!

  7. A car isn't a car without dog hair. :) Love the pimpin! I'm not sure my girls would have tolerated the boa. I'm pretty sure there wouldn't have been anything left of it.

  8. Pimping it. Ha! St Pimpie's Day.

    Do you flash your Subie's headlights as the traitorous Trina and Jason?

    Is that Stella pulling away from the pack to rest until everyone gets their act together?