Monday, September 7

Yard Lounging & Picking Corn

After being in the air-condition for a while, the kids enjoyed laying out in the sun to warm up. Stanley, Jaime, and Tristan.Stella, being Stella, decided to sun herself in a different part of the yard.Daddy, look how cute I am.Oh man, this feels great.Shake it off Parker, shake it off.We watched Murphy this weekend. Sabrina and her foster sister, Ginger, also joined us. Parker decided that he had enough with the pictures and boycotted.Ginger is very sweet girl. Look at the sweet face. Tristan was trying to impress her with his overbite.Jaime in stealth mode watching everyone like an alligator floating in the water.Sabrina has corns on three of her feet.She was very tolerant of being picked at.Three for three.Ahh, temporary relief.Talking of tender feet, I got some Vibram Five Fingers. They have no cushioning and separate toe pockets. I’ve run about 15 miles since I got them earlier this week. Nothing like feeling every pebble on the trail. I’m sure my soles will toughen up over time.


  1. Wow, Sabrina was a very good girl to lay still for that. Parker is pretty adorable, and leave it to Stella to have her own royal enclosure separate from the peons. G, why in the world do you have those crazy shoes (I say shoes, socks...)?

  2. Yard lounging is the best! Sabrina looks like Pippi minus the corns. =)

  3. I have three greyhounds myself! We are ve
    ry fortunate to never have had any corns. I know some of my greyhound friends have them. How do you get rid of them on your greys?

  4. You never fail to make me laugh - this time with the overbite comment! Parker is just so darn cute!

  5. Parker is too funny doing his rollies in the grass...and your pack is gorgeous as usual!!


  6. How is that corn picker doing? I need to get one for Beau if it's working good.

    Nice picture of the alligator floating :)

  7. So why do you want to feel every pebble and toughen up your feet?

    And how successful is the car wash as a fundraiser? I was thinking about that recently since we are doing a dog wash soon.


  8. The corn picking is like nail cutting. The corn grows back, and you pop it out again. Not even laser surgery seems permanent.

    We raise a few hundred dollars during the carwash. More than half from straight up donations at the front of the store. Too bad Wal-Mart won't let us do it anymore

  9. i'm curious about those shoes. when i was injured, i was able to run down the hall barefooted at the physio but not in shoes. i've been tempted. have you run on grass, too?


  10. what size extruder are you using and where did you order it from? I need to get one for seka. You're right, laser surgery isn't a permanent solution. It's lasted 5 months tops.

    Corns suck.

  11. I Hate Toast, The Five Fingers simulate being barefoot without needing a tetanus shot. I use them for everday use as well as running on all types of surfaces.

    GretyBlackDog, the corn removal tool is sold at the VAGA store along with a gel to soften the corn for easier removal. If you are going to Beach Bound Hounds, I will have Kris take a set with her.

  12. i am sooo envious that you got a pair of those shoes!! you must keep us up to date on how you like them (and how your feet are holding up!). also...ana definitely has a corn, and is not as tolerant of it being picked least she's not limping any more!

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