Tuesday, September 1

Parker's New Bed

The hummingbirds are busy storing energy before heading South. Competition is fierce.Our biannual Culpeper Wal-Mart carwash almost didn’t happen. Wal-Mart’s new policy does not allow such activity, but no one had bothered to tell us. So we got grand-fathered in. Wow, this van is actually white under all that dirt.The advertising crew at the entrance to the parking lot.The crew manning the main entrance.Billy Talent was our foster for a week while his new mommy was on vacation. He was a good boy while he was with us.Now to Parker’s new dog bed we got from Costco. Since everyone was stealing his fleecy bed, we got him another one. You can see how this is going to turn out. Stella had to christen it.Jaime found it quite comfortable.It put a smile on Tristan’s face.Stanley got his rump into it.Even Sunny had her turn. The only one not in Parker’s bed was poor ol’ Parker.Last weekend we had an Adoption Fair at the local Tractor Supply. We were watching Sunny, Fernie, Dusty, and still had Tristan. We couldn’t decide who to leave, so we took all 8 dogs with us in two cars.We were between the horse rescue and the Pit Bulls.That afternoon, we headed down to Trina’s for her housewarming party. My job was to make guacamole.Stella was in a very touch-feely mood. Trina has a pic of the following morning.Stella was still in her lovey mood when she got back home.


  1. What a wonderful weekend...and awesome pictures!!!

    Dory and the Mama

  2. Love that last picture...so cute! Wish our hounds did that. They are all growly when it comes to personal space.

  3. Poor Parker, the little guy just never gets a break. He needs a bed that is roped off from the greys, like his own little throne!

    That last picture is precious!! I agree with Michelle, but we never get opportunities for pictures like that around our house either.

  4. haha, poor Parker. Great photos as ever, and guacamole sounds fantastic. How is Stella so adorable?