Tuesday, January 27

VAGA Store Move

The VAGA Store has moved. Where? To my basement. So next time you order something from the VAGA store, Kris will go downstairs, open up a storage box, and whatever you ordered will be on its way the next day. Well, it might not be that quick quite yet.
First, the basement had to be cleared out of all the junk we’ve been meaning to throw out for years now.
The truck was packed in Northern Virginia and made its way down here. Linda and Rex got the event supplies, Debbie got the adoption supplies, and we got the VAGA Store.Debbie helps Allen pile on the storage bins. Kris will have fun taking inventory and organizing everything on shelves. Right now, it’s just a pile of stacked storage boxes.
Since we know that greyhounds are worthless as guard dogs, we are using our attack kitties, Greyson and Isabel. Isabel is taking her own inventory to make sure the greys don’t sneak downstairs for spare treats or toys.We also watched Topsail for a night this past weekend while his parents when ski-tubing. Sounds like fun. As an only child, Topsail loves these overnight playdates. Some dogs get Happy Tail, Topsail gets Happy Ears.


  1. Wow...I had no idea there were so many supplies that it would take such a huge truck! Kris has a big job getting everything organized, but, hey, you can't beat the convenience of it when you need something!

  2. now i'll have to shop just knowing that it came from the baaaaasement.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. i hate that blogger says the author removed something. sounds like i added more (it was an accidental duplicate post) but changed my mind because i had written "genji and kris eat monkey paste in the basement" and figured that was wrong.

    so here. another post. to explain the lost comment.

    OCD a bit?

  5. I love happy ears photos! That is so cute.

    That's quite a store you've got going in the basement. Nothing like a greyhound store cover up for the real operation you've got going down there :)

  6. WOW! Didn't realize VAGA had such an inventory! Guess I should order some stuff! Why the move of everything to the 'Burg? Miami Fast Fact: Houses in Florida don't have basements.

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