Sunday, January 11

Gal Come, Gal Go

It might have looked like we were starting to hoard foster dogs this week, but as of tonight, we are back down to one. Pippi just doesn’t seem to want to leave. While I was on the road this week, Freddy came to the house. And I picked up a Ginger the Galgo on the way back home. On top of that, Kris’ dad dropped off Murphy for the weekend. So much for a quiet weekend.
Freddy is a big black male. Laid back like most males.
Hey Freddy, can I clean your ears?
Sure, mind if I clean yours?
Oh Yeah?
Freddy posing by the honeysuckle.
Hey Charlie. What! What! What’s going on???
Ginger came over the same time as Charlie. You can read a bit more about their trip to the States at GAA Galgos Project. She is quite the cute girl.
She still has the body of hunter.
She didn’t mind snuggling with Freddy’s rump.
She found the big black pillow on the couch quite comfortable.
Jaime must exude that ‘Please Touch Me’ aura.
Ginger has a big ol’ shnoz and big floppy ears.
The two Galgos enjoy time on the couch.
Pippi snuggles with Stella’s rump, finally conceding her number 2 spot in the hierarchy.
The requisite bacony shot of everyone. Clockwise from left, it is Pippi, Stanley, Stella, Charlie, Freddy, Ginger, Jaime, and on the airbed are Parker and Murphy. We slept downstairs so everyone had plenty of room to spread out.
Charlie and Ginger were officially adopted, and Freddy went to a possible forever home this weekend.


  1. I wish Beau and Belle would snuggle with each other while sleeping.

    Great pictures once again :)

  2. LOL!!!! What a way for Kristen to spend her birthday. The house must seem so quiet now : )
    Great pics!

  3. Ginger is adorable! And, Charlie looks like a love. =) Good luck to Freddy. I hope he has finally found a place to call his own. He is a good boy!!

  4. You have the best sleepovers!!! We decided that our Macy would have a sore throat from all of the growling that would go on in that room...haha :)

  5. Those galgo's are awesome looking. You guys are just awesome with the hounds you take in! It great to be back to blogging!

  6. Glad to hear they are all well. That last pic is great - plenty of room to cockroach!

  7. "she still has the body of a hunter."

    ha. never heard that said about me. "she has the body of the royal cake taster."

    love the shot of freddy and his pinky rump. just a bit of ham there.

  8. Love the galagos. Love them. Love their look. Too adorable. Do they have the same temperment as the greys?

  9. i love the galgo's they are just beautiful. i am so happy that you guys get to help them - what a wonderful thing to do. i am really proud of all of you that help out. Katy and I are planning to knit toys to send over - since they won't let us bring in a real one we figured they might enjoy some 'bad' knitting!