Monday, August 21

Record-breaking Fredericksburg Meet 'n Greet

A hot humid summer day did not deter the Fredericksburg area VAGA volunteers from coming out in full force. We had a record-breaking 26 greyhounds; and Parker Dog. The greys were Earl, Dana, Leah, Sidney, Roxy, Tempest, Stella, Lucas, Hope, Jake, Sophie, Neko, Sandy, Allie, Winston, Prince, Princess, Louisa May, Rita Mae, Tipper, Queen, Thunder, Steve, Diablo, Lady Belle, and Critter. Meet ‘n Greet’s are as much a social occasion for greyhounds and their owners as it is to educate the public about greyhounds and what great pets they make. Seeing how much fun everyone was having, we are planning our next big greyhound party. Hope everyone can make it.

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  1. Look, someone is reading your blog!!! I heard you were feeling like no one did, so this is just to reassure your ego :) Great pics, but we need to finish our story contest first, and then a photo one!