Monday, August 14

Double Adoption and Babysitting

I came home from being on the road last week to find two foster dogs (November and Hope), a previous foster (Maggie aka LnL Lindsay) that was adopted and that we were babysitting for the weekend, and one foster (Julie) had already been adopted out midweek. We had a high of six dogs spending the night. Kris makes fun of me for buying a new dog bed everytime we go to Costco, but they sure came in handy. Speaking of, Costco now has orthopedic (egg crate) dog beds now. Lucas loves it.

Here is November’s new family. She was adopted on Saturday. November is a very outgoing and loving girl. She was not phased by their 3 year old, and whirled her tail and gave them kisses when she found out she was going to her new forever home.

Here is a pic of Stella reliving her glory days and watching a greyhound race on tv. As you can see, the fosters are freshly off the track and don’t want to have anything to do with racing anymore.

Maggie is the daughter of Debbie’s Ally. She’s been with her new family for a couple of months. Her family went to New York for the weekend, so we were babysitting. She’s filled out and looks great now. Maggie is an only dog now, so she enjoyed being able to play with our guys.

Hope is currently our only foster left. She is a small shy girl with big doe eyes. She’s becoming more relaxed every day. I love to see how their personalities change once they figure out that their new job is to just look cute.

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  1. I love reading about all your foster kids. The greyhounds all look so happy! The pictures are wonderful. You both are the best foster parents in the world!!!!