Friday, August 25

Coming out of my shell

Hi, I’m Hope. I’ll be writing this entry as my foster daddy is too lazy to write about my progress. I’ve been here about a week and a half. I’m enjoying my stay and getting used to to all the new things of being off the track. The food is much better here, and I get to eat as much as I want. I’ve gained a few pounds (~60lb), but I’m still not nearly as big as Stella (75lb) or Lucas (90+). Fatties. I’ve learned how to do stairs and cockroach on a dog bed. Retirement is fun. I’m still stuck on my kennel schedule, so I used to wake everyone up around 4:30am by squeaking the hedgehog stuffie. They now put all the stuffies away at bedtime, so I wake everyone up by walking and rubbing my head along the side of the bed. Bet it feels like an earthquake to them. I’d like to get on the bed, but there isn’t any space left for me. That Stella sure is a bed hog. My foster daddy is always trying to get pictures of me, but that big black thing he puts up to his eye is scary. So he doesn’t have too many good pics of me. But this pic is of me and Lucas tugging on a branch that fell in the yard. This whole running around the yard thing is great. Now that I’m a doggie door pro, I can go out whenever the fancy strikes me. Parker Dog usually alerts us if there is anything of interest outside. Parker says there is nothing going on outside right now, so I think I will go grab a bed and take a nap. Bye.

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