Monday, July 10

Website Pics updated!

        We had our monthly Meet ‘n Greet at the Glen Allen PetsMart on Saturday. We picked up Sadie on the way down. She is being returned after 8-9 months with her new family. I won’t get into all the reasons why she was returned, but it sounds like a combo of a treatable medical issue and the family just tiring of having a dog. This will be their third return to our group, so I’m thinking no more greys for them. She will stay with Trina while we figure things out and look for a new home for her. At the M&G were Sadie, Logan, Dana (w/ Shiloh & Dante), Jo, Stella & Lucas (w/ Parker), and Thunder came from 2 hrs away with his new family. Somehow I seem to attract the crazy ones. I was holding Stella, Lucas, Sadie and Parker as I was walking from the parking lot, and I get stopped by someone wanting to know if they were whippets. Lucas weighs 95lbs. A whippet? I don’t think so. Then I meet a lady who said she wanted a greyhound, but everytime one would try to sniff her and get petted, she would squeal and jump back. Hmm, No Greyhound For YOU!!! After the M&G, we all went back to Trina’s for drinks and watching the kids run around. They had just stood around for 3 hrs at the M&G, so it was much more laying around. This is a picture of Stella and Dante. Both are alpha, and neither wanted to give up the dog bed.
        On another note, I finally got around updating a few pics on my website. Finally replaced the winter snow pictures with spring/summer pics.

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  1. Yippee! My vicarious life can go on! Especially love the stick pictures :>) Barb