Thursday, July 13

Tour de France hits the mountains

It’s been more than a week into the Tour de France, and they are finally into the mountains. Between OLN coverage and TiVo, I don’t have to miss any of it. The flat stages mostly consist of the peleton sticking together, and the sprinters duking it out in the last several hundred meters. Time differences are measured in seconds. I usually fast-forward through most of the middle part. Now that they are in the mountains (Pyrenees and Alps), the true contenders will be separated from the flat-stage sprinters. The time gaps will now be measured in minutes. On any given day, if your stage time is not within 10% of the winner’s time, you get dropped from the race. Ouch! Riding for 28 days of 100+ miles per day. I get tired just watching them. Maybe I will start saving up for a road race bike. $5000, a bright lycra jersey, and shaved legs, and I can pretend to be a Tour contender too :)

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