Sunday, July 2

Visit from Dave

A few things going on this week. Our latest fosters, Winston and Maggie were adopted out on Tuesday. We will be fosterless until they lift the quarantine down in Fla. On the work front, my company was just bought out by Seimens. They said it will be finalized sometime early next year. Just went through a similar transition a couple of years ago when Bayer bought out my old company. Waiting is the worst part. My friend Dave from Toronto made a spontaneous trip down for the weekend. He actually ended up celebrating ‘Canada Day’ here in the States. Aubry came over and the four of us played ‘Settlers of Catan’ and ‘Taboo’. I’m not much of a board game player, but both of these games are best with 4 people, so I got roped in. We grilled ribs and wings on Friday night. On Saturday, we wanted to try a new place downtown, so we went to Tru Luv’s for dinner. The weather was quite tolerable for late June, so we sat outside and had a view of the river. We had drinks at a few of the bars downtown before heading back. A relaxing weekend with good friends and good food.


  1. wings and ribs? why didn't you let us all know? we would have come!

  2. especially Gyeong's ribs and wings. YUMMY He is the grill master.