Tuesday, January 28

Dental & Dana's Birthday

Kelli likes to do zoomies in the house. Sometimes on the bed. How do I know it was her that did this?
She left her signature behind. Her favorite bone. The deer antler.
Proud of her work, she takes a nap in a pool of sunlight.
Parker introduces Kelli to his perennial winter favorite. The poopsicle.
Stanley didn’t want to join in. His mouth was hurting from a couple of extractions during his dental.
The hippo was soft and plush, so he used it to hold his head up.
Trina brought her kids over on the weekend. Dana, did you know it’s your birthday? You’ve reached the big One Three.
Aunt Kristen made you a pumpkin cake.
Dana blows out the candles.
With the candles blown out, Parker sees no reason not to help himself to the entire cake.
Dana get hand-fed by her mommy.
If you make cake, they will come.

Hanging out till the cake runs out.


  1. Happy Birthday Dana! I loved all the pictures of the kids.

  2. So much to do, so little time!! Looks like thing have been pretty busy with your pack!

    Dory, Jakey, Bilbo & Arty

  3. I'm glad Dana had such a special party!

    Kelli looks pretty innocent to me! I think she may have been framed....

  4. wow...lookit all those black houndies!

  5. Glad Dana had all her family round her to celebrate the big 13.

    Stanley and his hippo is just so cute.

  6. 'If you make cake, they will come'! Haha! Yes, they will! Happy birthday, Dana!

    Poor Stanley. I hope his mouth heals quickly and he feels better soon. I have a feeling my old guy (12) is going to need a dental soon and he'll probably lose some more teeth, bless him.

    Love the pic of Parker trying to get the cake!

  7. Happy Birthday to Dana! Hope Stanley's mouth is feeling better now, good idea to find a soft place to rest it Stanley. LOL, Kelli certainly has lots of space to do her zoomies on your bed!
    Dip Elliot and Lynne x

  8. Beryl doesn't do zoomies on the bed but she does like it looking very similar to how yours looks ... only more bunched up so she's got a pillow and back rest! Waste of time making the bed here :)

    Belated Happy Birthday Dana. Wow, a teenager, look out world :) The pumpkin cake looks like it was a big hit.

  9. Happy Birthday Dana! And how thoughtful of Parker to bring in that poopsicle to share with everyone. He would not like our house where Mumma uses the snowblower to fire the poopsicles out into the woods beyond the fence...

  10. Other than the hurtin' toofums, looks like everyone is having a great time.

  11. Happy cake day, Dana! Why did you have to share with so many friends?! The pictures are priceless!