Sunday, January 5

Christmas Boarders

We’ve been trying to keep our boarding to a minimum, but that rarely works during the Holidays. Hence the 11 bowls of food.
Feeding was spread throughout the house.

Here are 8 of them in the living room.
Sooie needed extra roughage in her diet.
The only extra that Belle needed was stuffing. Poor gorilla.
Most of the time, the kids were just laying around. Buck takes nap time seriously.
Sunny looking all cool with one paw hanging out.
Blue says he can do even better.
Parker liked to lay in his little bed behind the couch, where he wasn’t likely to get run over.
Jenny doesn’t like her daddy taking pics of other girls, and decides to photobomb this pic of Abby.
Outside the weather was unseasonably warm. So Buck decides to play a little soccer.
Jenny thinks it’s more fun to chase deer. One deer is visible on the far left about 3/4 of the way up.
By the time the rest of the crew showed up, the deer were long gone.
I wonder if it was the same deer that was swimming away from the hunting dogs earlier in the pond behind the house. The joys of living out in the country during hunting season.
Beau says he still smells them. They went thataway.
After all the fun outside, time to go in for a nap. Belle wishes she has thumbs to open the sliding door.

Beau refuses to learn how to use the doggie door.
Now we're back to just our four, and the house is calm and quiet.


  1. What a wonderful selection of photos and great captions!! I found the deer in the photo, had to embiggen it though :) I love your fences but I think Frankie would find a way over them if he saw/smelled a deer on the other side! The photo of Buck on the gorgeous bed is so beautiful. Heck, all the photos are beautiful. Had to laugh at Jenny's photobomb, it's hard to take photos around here without Frankie butting in too!

  2. Oh forgot to say how impressed I was at the orderly fashion everyone ate! And I covet your raised feeders. I'm looking for one for Asher where the bowl sits down low but they're scarce as hens teeth over here!

  3. What a bunch of beautiful boarders!!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. Joey and Scout think your house looks like a resort for pups. :-)

  5. OMD, I am howling at your video, it looks like a doggie soup kitchen! I have never seen so many dog bowls. They are all very well behaved though and nobody is trying to pinch anyone elses. Beau obviously takes a leaf out of Bridget's book and is his own dog :)
    Lynne x

  6. Oh My Goodness, that is a houseful of doggies!!!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  7. That's quite the boarding party you had! I'm especially impressed by the live entertainment! I bet it is nice to go back to just your pups after a house full!

  8. I cannot imagine what dinner time is like for 11 canines. When we have four here instead of the usual two I think it's chaos.

  9. wow what a wonderful houseful of hounds you had there! fab photo's. Happy New Year to you all xxx

  10. Gosh, you did have a houseful .. and my dogs say they want to come and stay with you!!

    I think I'm in love with Blue. What a gorgeous (and elegant) dog!