Saturday, June 16

Sad Faces

Greyhounds put on sad faces for a litany of reasons. I believe getting a bath is definitely in the top 3. Stanley and Jaime haven’t had a bath in a couple years, and close to three years for Stella.
Stanley: hey daddy, why are we on the patio, don’t we always hang out on the deck?
Did it rain? I’m so wet.
Stella: Seriously, this bath thing applies to me too? But I smell like Roses, I tell you.
Alright, let’s get this over with.
But I’m not gonna make it easy.
Are you happy now? Abby knows she is not getting a bath and is content to laugh at Stella from the safety of the yard.
How ‘bout you? You happy? Now that I look like a drowned rat.
Stella tells Parker about her traumatic experience, but gets no sympathy. Parker reminds her that every few months is much worse than every few years.
Parker tries to slink away when it’s his turn.
At least he’s not rolling in something stinky in the yard.
Enough with the bath time stuff. Let me back in.
Stella and Jaime find solace in snuggling with Kevin. We washed their collars, and sometimes didn’t recognize them with different colored ID collars on.
Kevin will keep you warm, so you don’t catch a cold.
Real Sad Face this past week. One of our VAGA volunteers, Ted V., passed away this week. Here is a pic of him at last year’s VAGA picnic. I’m sure he is playing golf where there are greyhounds (who don’t poop) on the course. Fore!


  1. Oh the horror! What is it with dogs and baths, you would think it was the end of the world :) At least they had Kevin to console them.
    So sorry to hear about your friend Ted.
    Lynne x

  2. I think it might be "bath year" this summer for my three too, LOL. Abby seems like she is getting a good giggle over everyone's discomfort! Sorry to hear you lost your friend,too.

  3. Yeah, there are baths in the very near future here, too! The Shepherds won't care too much, but there will be serious stink eye from the hounds! Tell Stella that I am SO sorry, but I couldn't help laughing!

  4. Oh Stella.... you are such a drama queen. ;-) I love the last pic of the girls with Kevin.... too cute. So sad to hear about Ted. He will be missed.

  5. Mine hate bath day too but no one has the 'stella look' perfected.

    Hugs to Ted's sad.

  6. Another benefit to owning greyhounds, you don't have to bathe often! Our dogs are shedding terribly this summer!

  7. Baths are accepted in our home, but a deeply sad greyhound face is present on all as they walk into the bathroom. It breaks my heart and makes me laugh all at the same time.

  8. ooooh baths. Mum says that's what's going to happen to me next time we go to Ganny's (it's easier there, apparently!) The kids look soooo sweet with Kevin! Deccy x

  9. I love the photos with Kevin. Those are so cute! You definitely should send them in to Celebrating Greyhounds calendar. I think Kevin would take up our entire couch in the RV. LOL

  10. Sorry to hear about Ted. We lost a wonderful volunteer a year or so ago. People you would otherwise never know except for the awesome breed we love.

  11. How do you get Kevin to co-operate? He's a natural at posing with the hounds:)

    Neither Frankie or Beryl will voluntarily come into the bathroom with me as I have given them both a bath in the shower. They're quite happy to get soaked in the ocean on a warm day, what's the difference?

    Don't you feel such a brute being the cause of such total sadness? I know I do.

    So sorry about Ted. Hope he is getting his golf and Greyhound fix, wherever he is.

  12. OMG the photo's are priceless!!! they must have been practising those woe is me faces LOL. Brilliant!

    Love Sue and the Taylor hounds xxxx

  13. I don't mind baths - but I'd LOVE them if I had a Kevin to snuggle with afterwards.

    Love and licks, Winnie xx

  14. on the rare occasion when our sadie and katie gets baths in the backyard, sadie usually hides and peeks behind a corner of the house until the mean ol' garden hose goes away.

    kevin is awesome.

  15. Oh my gosh, Poncho's facial expressions are comically pathetic at bath time, but these photos take the cake! Hilarious!

  16. Those are some serious stink eyes piercing holes through my screen. My boys get baths a lot. Omo loves puddles, and I indulge him. Fabian gets a bath every month with Omo just because I believe in equality.

    Kevin! I'll never forget that name. I think it was a someecard or blunt card that said something about the trend in putting names on food in work fridges. The punchline was something like "Yesterday I had a sandwich named Kevin." I put Kevin on all of my meals. No one steals lunches where I am. I just like to name all my meals Kevin.

    I love Kevin and find it a serious personality flaw that Trina doesn't embrace the Kevin. What is wrong wtih that woman?