Saturday, June 2

Cooper Winery Lucy's Weekend

Our annual outing to Cooper Vineyards for the Lucy Weekend to support the Richmond SPCA gets a bit bigger every year. This year, we had enough greyhound people to create our own ‘greyhound tent city’ on the grounds.
Trina’s parents came from the other side of the state to join us. And Rob brought his 1 year old Shiba Inu, Sakura.
Sakura was very well behaved. Must be all the calm vibes given off by the greyhounds :)
It was a bit hot, especially when there was no breeze. Mitch hosed down Cueball to help him cool off.
Cueball, did you know you’re wet? Oh, I can fix that with a quick shake of my head.
Once to the right.
Once to the left. I think it’s working.At 12 and a half years old, Henry still loves going out and being part of it all. But requires more naps in between.
Stanley: Daddy, I’m done with this one. May I have another Viognier, please?
Michelle entertains a loose beagle while Rob and Trina’s mom looks for his parents.
We were watching Jorja for the weekend. Tired of not being able to see anything being surrounded by greyhounds, Jorja decides to head for higher ground.
Shiloh, the old lady in the group at 14 and a half, takes a nap while roaching.
Afternoon activities included doggie dancing.
Set amongst the vines, Joyce and Sammy Davis were ready for some dancing.
Even though it was hot, Sammy Davis performed like a champ.
Parker has his own bed and sits in Kris’ lap in the passenger seat. That didn’t mean he had to be an A/C hog. His ear is flapping from being so close to the vent.
Not surprisingly, Stanley was pooped out.


  1. Oh my goodness! This looks like so much fun! I love that a greyhound got in on the dancing. They are poetry in motion, so it's only fitting. I love greyhound gatherings, so I really enjoyed all your pictures.

  2. Your dogs have the best social schedules of any I know! We would be thrilled to have half of the stuff you get to go to happening around here. Imanine -- Stanley tired! What is the world coming to? lol

  3. One over the eight Stanley?! Those photos of Cueball are great! Deccy x

  4. I don't think I've ever seen so many Greyhounds in one place!
    What a nice day out for dogs and owners.
    Lynne x

  5. It was a fun event! Wish it had been cooler! Love the Cueball shaking photos!

  6. Definitely looks like a fun day and event. Loved the photos!

  7. What an awesome occasion! Love all the photos. Sammy Davis has got a video on Youtube, hasn't he? I tell you what, if you get your face in the way of a Greyhound shaking their head those ears hurt, lol! Cute Shiba.

  8. Wow it looks like you all had a super day!

    What more could you want sun, doggie dancing and lots of Greyhounds!

    Love and licks, Winnie

  9. Three tents full of greyhounds and their peeps at an SPCA event is pretty impressive :) Sounds like everyone had a great time!

  10. We had a great time, such a good event. :)

  11. ha ha ha! Kris had to inhale that dog. i love that their desire to see more usually means that we see less.

    i am sorry that the hounds don't blog. or, you know, speak any language humans can translate. i think the stories they'd tell at those wineries ...