Sunday, October 2

Scotland - Greyhound Rescue Fife

I apologize for forgetting some of the houndies names, or for possibly getting them wrong.
The Greyhound Rescue Fife was started by Celia and Jimmy Fernie in 2005. Please read more about them and their awesome work for the hounds at Greyhound Rescue Fife.
This way to Greyhound Rescue Fife.
We were greeted at the kennel with a smile.
Kris wanted to take him home.

The main kennel building houses the most hounds.
And also has the all important kitchen for feeding the hungry houndies.

She is 15 years old, but doesn’t look a day over 12 :)  Added Note: She is one of Celia and Jimmy's personal dogs.
Such a regal look.
I believe this is Jackson, and he is a lurcher. Mixed with a labrador. Such soulful eyes.
Speaking of mesmerizing eyes. It’s like she’s hypnotizing you into adopting her.
Bella showing off her cute ears.Bella and several others were in a second kennel building on the complex.
The muzzles are a slightly different design than what we are used to in the States.
And the beds too. I first saw them on Song’s Blog, but that makes sense, since she lives in England. Still looking for a place to get them over here.
Annie came out of her shelter, and walked through the rain for ear scritches. Such a sweet face.
A new coloring we don’t get in the States.
Toby showing off his speckles.
One of Celia and Jimmy’s nine current dogs. He is a lurcher with such penetrating eyes.
Sharing the couch with Kris.
Despite the pouring rain, we had a great visit to the kennel. We had been away from the kids for 5 days at this point and really needed a greyhound fix. Thank you Celia and Jimmy for your generous hospitality.


  1. That looks like a really nice kennel. The dogs are so sweet and happy. Great that you were able to visit them on your trip.

  2. I would have had a very hard time leaving the smiley hound behind! He was so cute.

    What a wonderful set up they have got there. I'll bet you were glad to get your Greyhound fix:)

  3. I know.. why don't we have those bucket beds over here? I think they look great for nesting. Beautiful 15 year old. Wow! I can think of two 6-8 years old that look much older than she does... sadly.

  4. That kennel looks so nice! If you do find a place that has those beds here in the States, I want to know!

    I've admired those black with white ticking hounds before. I wish that color would pop up in the States!

    A fifteen year old hound in the kennel? That makes me sad. I hope they will all find homes, but I feel bad for a senior in a kennel!

    I'd have needed a fix big time, too!

  5. Sorry, should have mentioned that all the one's that are not 'behind bars' are Celia and Jimmy's personal dogs who 'help out' at the kennel.

  6. Oh what a CUTE group of doggies. I love the 15 year old gal and Bella has my heart too.What a nice kennel!!!!

  7. They are absolutely adorable dogs!!


  8. What a nice kennel! Glad you got your greyhound fix. They are all beautiful hounds! :)

  9. Very cool! Glad you were able to get some greyhound love while over there!

  10. Now that IS the sort of place everyone should visit on their holidays. Edinburgh Woolen Mill buying fake tartan kilts v a Day with the Greys? No contest! Deccy x

  11. That's so great that you guys got to go visit. I love how much room the dogs have in their kennels! Wonderful job on capturing all of those soulful eyes - I'm not sure how anyone could resist such sweet faces!