Thursday, October 20

Farm To Table

We recently attended a Farm to Table dinner at Miller Farms five minutes down from our house. Kris actually knows both generations of the family that run the farm. Yep, she’s a local yokel. The chef prepares our appetizers in the field next to the pumpkin patch.
Not surprisingly, we went with Trina and Jason. If there’s good food and wine involved... This time, we brought our own wine. We sat in between the last dairy farmer left in our county and the local pork producer (Papa Weaver’s). We hope we weren’t too loud and obnoxious, as we were about a couple decades younger than everyone else, and also the only ones drinking.
Kris was checking in on the Va Tech vs Univ of Miami football game. But it was okay, as everyone kept asking her for score updates.
The entree was the pork belly with mac ’n cheese. Yum!
Relaxing after dinner with wine and whisky while tapping on our Apple products and watching tv.
Cali snuggling with her daddy.
Of course we had some boarders during this time. Sara and her mom, Harper. Harper has a splint for a broken bone from osteo.
Harper thinks the hedgehog is tasty.
Beth’s disapproving look that someone is playing with her favorite hedgie.
The weather’s been cooling down, so even Beth is getting frisky and romping around the yard. She’s trying to sneak up on her daddy.
Roadie enjoying a bit of warm afternoon sun.
Roadie and Sallie’s daddy was kind enough to make us this stained glass image of the picture I’ve had at the top of my blog since I started it. Thanks so much Bruce. It is now hanging in the landing window where it will catch the most light.
A parting picture of Stella doing a zombie impression. I’m pretty sure she would eat brains.


  1. I love the stained glass, it's really nice! The dinner sounds fun. I bet they were happy to have some younger people there. I'm still amazed at how many dogs you can fit in you living room.

  2. I LOOVE the stained glass picture! Just beautiful!!!

  3. That picture of Stella cracked me up! I am becoming more and more convinced that Lilac and Beth are somehow related. I know that stink eye expression very well!

    That dinner sounds like it was pretty cool!

  4. That stained glass is beautiful. Looks like you really had a house full of hounds too! Deccy x

  5. You must have been so pleased to get that beautiful stained glass:) What a lovely present!

    Your photos are always so entertaining ... I love counting the dogs in the landing shots:)

  6. That stained glass is beautiful! The dinner sounds like fun. :)

  7. that stained glass portrait is amazing! the eyes--they're perfect.

    stella and cali--i hope i don't look like that when i sleep, and thank goodness my dogs don't blog.

  8. Love the pic of Cali and classic!! Thanks for having us up for the was great!

  9. You sure get some funny sleeping pictures of the greys. Boy, Beth sure has a good eat S#!& and die expression. :-)

  10. You're welcome, Gyeong - the stained glass looks like it's in a great spot, and I'm glad it's there! By the way, I think Stella has been watching too much of The Walking Dead...

  11. OMG...the Zombie pictures made me laugh so hard. Too Funny!!!

  12. It looks like all the hounds turn to mush around Jason! Great shots!