Wednesday, October 20

Return of Sweet Jorja

Some weekends are fairly quiet with only a couple of extra kids.Sly and Cooper are brothers from Texas.And some weekends, not so much. Clockwise from bottom left: Tina, Stanley, Stella, and Dusty on the couch, Sunny, Nellie, and Fern on dog beds, Parker and Jaime stretched out on the floor, and Gertie standing over sweet little Jorja.Gertie and Jaime are trying to figure out what this little bundle of energy is.Whatja doin’ up there, mister? She has grown since I picked her up months ago in the Jorja & Flat Brutus post.


  1. She's adorable! And wow, she really has grown, too!

  2. She's got the biggest smile in the pack. :)

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