Tuesday, June 16

A Round For The Hounds

We recently held our annual ‘A Round For The Hounds’ golf tournament at Fawn Lake. It’s our biggest fundraiser of the year. Check out the slideshow at VAGA’s Fast Blast.
The carts are ready for a day of hard work.VAGA volunteers (Adele, Linda, Debbie, and Kris) ready for 18 holes?Jack and Toba pose with a golfer in traditional Scottish golfing attire.Traditional Scottish attire was popular.A shot of Ted with the winning group.Kris and Debbie representing the VAGA Board of Directors thank Mark and Ted for their hard work in setting up the tournament.


  1. I'm no golfer, and this still looks like fun! I hope VAGA raised a pile of money. :)

  2. i'm so jealous. i love all your fund-raising activities. if we make it to VA, i'm making sure we hit it during a fund-raising event. preferably one involving wine.

  3. that's impressive. congrats on a successful tourney.

    oh, and did anyone check to make sure it was "traditional" scottish attire that kilt guy was wearing - if you know what i mean? Kris?